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For you business


Know the precise details of your construction plan before investing in actual construction.


Benefit from streamlined efficiency with one expert team.


Ensure your satisfaction in the preconstruction phase without any construction commitment.

At EnM our product offerings have been created based on our industry expertise and insight into our clients’ needs. Additionally, we customize the structure of each project to best fit our clients’ specific goals. This enables us to provide our clients with the most value.

Create- Construct

We take the lead and bring your vision of a completed commercial space to fruition. From mock-up to move-in, each stage builds upon a clear plan, propelling you toward your newly renovated or rebuilt commercial space. We approach the hurdles that are specific to your project and ensure that each square foot is maximized to bring you the most efficient commercial space possible.
If you’re at the point where your plans are in place, we can help you design your space so that it best suits your business needs. We maximize each square foot and produce a clearly drawn plan, then go ahead and build it for a magnificent and functional outcome.

Consult- Construct


We’re happy to get on board when you’re ready to build. We’ll start at the preconstruction phase to create a carefully formulated plan of action, then go ahead with the actual construction or renovation.

We’re here to answer all your questions

Our comprehensive infrastructure and thorough process is optimized for large scale projects. EnM takes full responsibility for each venture with complete plans and permits.

We are ready to join your project at the point that best meets your needs. See our list of packages that can be customized to suit your specific project requirements.

Our typical proposal turnaround time is 2 weeks. We understand that once you sign a lease or contract you will be anxious to move forward as soon as possible and we formulated our systems to accommodate that.
Reach out to OneBuild Development, our sister company, for larger projects. We’d love to give your larger venture the attention and focus it deserves.

Reach out to Winstone Consulting, our sister company, for all consulting and guidance related needs.

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